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Do you want to overcome addictive eating & food obsession?

(Without super human discipline, willpower or nailing the fridge shut?)

Of course you do! 

Get your hands on this free 23 page guide + access to the Soul Fed Woman Resource Hub. I'll be adding new tools and resources to this hub regularly so once you've used a resource, let me know your thoughts! It will help me to create additional content you like in the future

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About Rachel and Soul Fed Woman

Hi lovely. I'm Rachel. I'm a food addiction recovery coach + mentor for professional woman to help them overcome addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities through an eating psychology and neuroscience approach. I help them master the rewiring skills needed to overcome food obsession, overeating, binging and emotional eating. This is through the platform Soul Fed Woman which I founded in 2017.


Download Your Free Guide

This 23 page guide will help you start overcoming addictive eating and food obsession. You can download it immediately.

Free Meditation

A big part of overcoming addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities is reconnecting to your Body Wisdom.

Here is a meditation to help you with this.


Free 5 day program

Hundreds of women within our community have overcome addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities

Want to know how they’ve done it?

Join me in this free 5 day program worth £249!!

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Did you know we have a podcast? 

Search for 'The Hungry Soul' on iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify

or head to www.soulfedwoman.com/podcast for all of the episodes

Our Manifesto

Soul Fed Woman is a global movement, founded by Rachel Foy, which is committed and dedicated to empowering women to overcome addictive eating and food obsession so they can permanently overcome overeating, binge eating and emotional eating.

Our vision is to empower one million women across the globe by 2025 to free themselves through our free trainings, programs, mentoring and live events.

There is no force more powerful than a woman who has found her FREEDOM

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