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The Soul Fed Woman Program

A journey to overcome addictive eating, food obsession
and binge eating

The Soul Fed Woman is an 8 module mindset + eating psychology program and community which will change your life when it comes to food and how you feel about your body. Using the most powerful and practical mindset and coaching tools, it helps you break free from addictive eating, food obsession and body insecurities whilst helping you break free from guilt and shame

What makes The Soul Fed Woman different is we focus on 3 CORE AREAS taken from

my own Food Addiction Recovery Method™

to help you REWIRE, REPROGRAM and RELEARN how to eat with ease and calmness

The Soul Fed Woman program combines life changing therapeutic coaching with eating psychology tools whilst giving you the support and sisterhood from our private community.

Being guided and supported through this journey you’ll be able to:

Never worry, stress about or over think food again.

Make food choices with ease without your inner chatter telling you otherwise

Have any kind of food in the house without feeling the need or urge to binge on it all

Learn to reconnect and listen to your body, perhaps even for the first time ever

Go through your day without your head being full of food thoughts

18 Modules

MODULE 1 - Believe You Can

WELCOME to Module 1 of The Soul Fed Woman program!



MODULE 5.1 - Navigating Anxiety (optional)

WELCOME to Module 5.1 of The Soul Fed Woman program!

This is an optional module to be used for navigating anxiety

MODULE 6.1 - Trauma Support (optional)

WELCOME to Module 6.1 of The Soul Fed Woman program!

This is an optional module to be used for trauma support

MODULE 7 - Soul Hungers

WELCOME to Module 7 of The Soul Fed Woman program!


Here are the mediations from the program


Here are all the tapping audios from the program


Affirmation cards for you to save/print out

BONUS: Health + Wellbeing workshop

A bonus workshop on health + wellbeing when it comes to weight and body size

BONUS: Inner Child workshop

A bonus workshop on the inner child

BONUS: Advocate For Your Body workshop

A bonus workshop on advocating for yourself in a larger body with Nicola Salmon

Modules for this product 18
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