Quit Your Sugar Cravings


Feeling addicted to sugar? Can't control your cravings? No more telling yourself that was the last time you’ll eat an entire packet of chocolate biscuits.

In this mini program, Rachel helps you explore what the real reasons are behind your sugar cravings and how something called tapping or EFT will eliminate sugar cravings within minutes!

"I’ve always been a sugar addict and have tried more times than I care to mention over the years. I was totally new to EFT when I discovered Rachel and this program but it’s been amazing. I’ve never once felt deprived or miserable and I truly have no cravings for sugar like I’ve done in the past.  I’m delighted! Thank you! - Pauline"

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1 Lessons

In this workshop, Rachel explores your true reasons as to why you are addicted to sugar and teaches you one of the most powerful techniques she uses with her private mentoring clients, EFT or tapping.


1 Lessons

Let's explore the REAL reasons why you find it so hard to say NO to sugar! 

Click on the tab on the right 'Understanding your sugar cravings' to get started.

Tapping Videos

6 Lessons

A total of 6 topic specific tapping videos for you to use when you need extra support. Topics include: I am a sugar addict / Sugar Cravings / How to use tapping on your own / Withdrawal symptoms / Feeling stressed and needing sugar / Feeling fed up and down


2 Lessons

Two mediations recorded by Rachel to help you implement the workshop and reprogram your mind for a healthier relationship to sugar.

Bubble Garden Stress Meditation and Taking The Emotion Out Of Sugar

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