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FREE 'Break The Binge Eating Cycle' Course

The "Break The Binge eating Cycle" Course

(without willpower, self control or self discipline!)

This is a 5 part program worth over £249....for a limited time you can access it immediately for 7 days completely free of charge! Click on the link below to get started.....

The Hungry Soul Book

Are you an emotional eater, binge eater or obsessed with food?

Get a copy of my #1 Best Seller book including £149 of free bonuses!

AMAZON review 5/5:

"What a great book! So many books tell us what to eat and when. This teaches so much more! Listening to your body, trusting yourself. Easy read. You'll want more!"

Overcome Overeating - 30 Day Hypnosis Reset

Overcome Overeating - 30 Day Hypnosis Reset

This isn't about depriving yourself or hopping onto the next trending diet. It’s about going deeper than ever before, diving into the core issues that lead to binge eating, emotional eating, and endless food obsession.

What's Inside:

🎧 6 Curated Hypnosis MP3 Tracks
📅 A Foolproof Listening Schedule
📈 Freedom Metrics Progress Tracker
📓 30 Day Mood & Habit Journal
💌 Bonus: 30 Days of Soulful Journal Prompts

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