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Food Addicted? Feel Out of Control? You're in the right place

If you are wanting to finally find a solution to your dysfunctional relationship with food so you can overcome addictive eating, binge eating, food obsession, cravings and feeling completely out of control and guilty, I'm delighted to have you here!

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FREE 5 Day Program

Overcome Binge Eating

(without willpower, self control or self discipline!)

This is a completely free 5 day program I teach live several times a year. Places are limited so reserve your spot now for the next one!

The Hungry Soul Book

Are you an emotional eater, binge eater or obsessed with food?

Get a copy of my #1 Best Seller book including £149 of free bonuses!

AMAZON review 5/5:

"What a great book! So many books tell us what to eat and when. This teaches so much more! Listening to your body, trusting yourself. Easy read. You'll want more!"

The Soul Fed Woman Program

Food addicted? Food obsessed? 

The Soul Fed Woman Program is an 8 module mindset + eating psychology program with lifetime community support which will change your life when it comes to food and how you feel about your body.

FREE Resource Hub

Get your hands on this free 23 page guide + access to the Soul Fed Woman Resource Hub.

I'll be adding new tools and resources to this hub regularly so once you've used a resource, let me know your thoughts! It will help me to create additional content you like in the future

The Soul Fed Woman Coaching Certification

Become a certified Soul Fed Woman® Coach!

The Soul Fed Woman® Coaching certification is a 12 month comprehensive practitioner training featuring evidence-based practices, created by food addiction therapist and eating psychology coach Rachel Foy.

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